We are committed to the belief that all patients should have access to the same clinical services and quality, regardless of their location or situation.

Most practices have over time developed their own ways of working to serve the needs of their patients. We all recognise that sharing knowledge and skills is the best way to improve. Alliance practices now have the opportunity to collaborate on looking at all aspects of patient care to maximise the benefit from our combined experience. This has been seen in the design by the Alliance of a new pathway for dermatology patients, who will benefit from specialised care closer to home that will also save the NHS money.

Underpinning quality services is data. The data that is recorded on patient records can affect the care they receive, population health analysis and the funding practices receive. Unfortunately the coding of data can vary between practices and even clinicians. We are working to standardise the way in which clinical services and episodes are coded across our practices, so that we can produce better quality information and also maximise income for practices.

Furthermore, we aim to introduce a reporting platform so that much of the regular work done, and duplicated, by practices can be streamlined. This will allow for practice staff to spend more time on qualitative work to improve the management of patients.

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