Covid Booster Vaccines – when am I due for mine? – You can book now!

Had 2nd vaccine on or before 24th April 2021

Book into Fri 22nd or Sat 23rd October

Had 2nd vaccine on or before 9th May 2021

Book into Sun 7th November

Had 2nd vaccine on or before 15th May 2021

Book into Sat 13th November

Had 2nd vaccine on or before 29th May 2021

Book into Fri 26th or Sat 27th November

If you haven’t had a 1st vaccine remember you can still book in for one at any of these clinics.

If you are over 17 yrs & 9 months and have had your 1st vaccine and not your 2nd, you can book into any of the above clinics provided there is at least 8 weeks since 1st vaccination.

Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are being held here at the Surgery.  If you are due a NHS flu vaccine, please book online via NHSApp,  Patient Access or call the Surgery on 01347 838231.  Dates are as follows:

65 years and above

Saturday 9th October 2021 (nearly full)

Wednesday 27th October 2021

64 years and under and in a NHS Clinical at risk group

Thursday 7th October 2021

Friday 15th October 2021

50 – 64 years

Thursday 11th November 2021

Covid Vaccines

Covid Clinics

If the Practice holds your mobile number we will send you a text message when it is your time to book into the appropriate Covid Clinic.  Please watch out for this.  If you do not have a mobile, we will call you.

If you have the NHS App or Patient Access, please book into the appropriate clinics this way.  Remember, it must be 6 months since your 2nd Vaccine if you are booking in for a COVID BOOSTER. Thank you.