Latest update on prescription timescales

This has now changed to a minimum 5 working days please click here for more information.

Tollerton Surgery provides a dispensing service for patients who live in Tollerton and the surrounding villages. Unfortunately for Patients who live within a mile of a Pharmacy we are unable to dispense to. We will send the prescription to the pharmacy of their choice by EPS.

The best way to order your repeat medicines would be to do it by enabling online access to your GP directly via the NHS App or Systmonline from your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, we have a prescription box at the front of the Surgery where you can put the right side of your prescription, ticking the items you require. Please remember to only order the medicines you require. If you do not have the repeat slip from your previous medication, then please put it in writing giving your name, date of birth, medication required and dosage. Thank you.

The Practice requires a minimum of 5 working days to process and dispense your repeat prescription. This is to ensure that any queries regarding your prescription can be checked with the Doctor / Pharmacist. Do not leave it until the very last minute to order your medication as we may need to order it from our supplier. If a request is put in over the weekend the 5 working days will start from Monday morning. Please allow a longer timeframe if you are posting your prescription.

At regular intervals your medication will need to be reviewed and you may be asked to make an appointment to see the Doctor to discuss this. Any queries regarding prescriptions are passed to the Doctor /Pharmacist and this may mean that your request takes slightly longer.to process. Our aim is to keep delays to a minimum, to try and ensure that your prescription or drugs are available within 5 working days but this isn’t always possible, but please be assured we will try our very best. Dispensary will send you a text message advising your prescription is ready to collect, provided we have a mobile number on your records.

The practice operates a 28 day prescribing policy (apart from HRT and contraception). This means that the maximum amount of medication you will be given at any one time will last 28 days/one month. This is in line with the Government policy to reduce wastage across the NHS as a whole.

Prescriptions after a Consultation with a Doctor or Nurse
If you have been prescribed medication following a consultation, the medication will be issued by our dispensing team shortly after your appointment. If you live within 1 mile of Easingwold pharmacy you will be given the printed prescription slip to take away with you.

Prescription Costs
The current charge for one item is £9.65.
If you require more than 4 prescriptions in a 3 month period, it may be beneficial to you to purchase a Prescription Prepayment Certificate, please ask at reception for further details.

Dispensary Opening Times
The Dispensary is open for collection of medicines between 8.30–1.00pm and 2:00pm–6:15pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday is 8:30-1:00pm  and 2:00pm–4:00pm

Prescriptions can be collected by the patient or a representative provided they are over 16 years of age. For controlled drugs the Patient/Representative may be asked for proof of identity.

Unused and Unwanted Medicines
If you have medication which was dispensed from the Surgery which you no longer require or if it is out of date, you may return this to the Surgery and we will dispose of it appropriately.

Cervical Smears

All sexually active women between the ages of 25 and 64 are advised to have a cervical smear test every 3 years (every 5 years if aged over 50). The test is important as it can detect early signs of pre-cancer of the cervix which can be easily treated. The Practice operates a call and recall scheme in conjunction with the Health Authority to remind you when your next test is due and to inform you of the test result. Our Practice Nurse Emily Slater is fully trained to carry out this test, please telephone the Surgery to make an appointment.


Smoking Cessation

Our Nursing Team have been specifically trained to help patients who want to give up smoking. Advice and support can be provided on an ongoing basis and can initiate nicotine replacement therapies. You can contact the Surgery to make an appointment. We really do want to help you quit! With help and support it might be easier than you think.

 Ante-Natal Care

During pregnancy ante-natal care is provided by the Practice in conjunction with Midwives from York Hospital. Midwives can be contacted via the Maternity Unit at York Hospital or you can leave a non-urgent message with the Receptionist at the Surgery who will contact the Midwife on your behalf. We hold Ante-Natal clinics fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon. Please contact the Surgery if you require an appointment.

 Health Checks

If you are aged from 40 to 74 inclusive and have not seen the Doctor for three years, you can request a health check. If you are aged 75 or over and have not seen the Doctor for a year, you can request a health check with our Nursing Team.

Private Medical Examinations and Reports

If you have a form or report that requires completion by a Doctor please enquire at reception. Please note that most reports are not part of NHS work and there will usually be a fee. Fees are displayed at the reception desk. We are also happy to undertake private medical examinations by appointment. When booking be sure to mention the examination required so that we can allow sufficient time and advise you of the likely charge. Also make sure that you have the necessary paperwork with you or that it has already been received by us before your appointment.

Maternity Care

Patients who think they may be pregnant and would like it confirming, should obtain a urine specimen container from reception. Please tell the Receptionist that this is for a pregnancy test so that we can give you the correct container. Please provide an early morning sample of urine and label the container with your full name, date of birth and date of your last menstrual period. The sample will be tested on the premises and the result will be available the same day. If the test result is positive please make a ‘maternity booking’ appointment with the Midwife.

Contraception Advice

Advice on all types or oral contraceptive preparations can be obtained by making an appointment with the Doctor or Emma Wilkinson our Advanced Nurse Practitioner. For those women who already receive oral contraception, your requirement needs to be reviewed at least once a year by the Practice Nursing Team.

Childhood Immunisation

It is important that babies and children are fully immunised. The Practice follows the schedule issued by the Department of Health. Immunisations should only be postponed if your child is suffering from an acute illness with fever or if there is a history of a severe local or general reaction to a preceding dose. Please contact the Surgery for further details

Fit Notes

If you have an illness that lasts seven days or less, then you do not require a Doctors sickness certificate. If your employer requires a self certification form (SC2) this can be obtained either from your employer or from the HMRC website.

If you are sick for more than seven days, your employer can ask you to give them some form of medical evidence to support payment of statutory sick pay (SSP). It is up to your employer to decide if you are capable of work. A medical certificate, now called a ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ (see below) from your doctor is strong evidence that you are ill and would normally be accepted. You could also provide evidence from someone who is not a Medical Practitioner, e.g. a Dentist. Your employer will decide whether or not this evidence is acceptable.

Statement of Fitness for Work – ‘Fit Note’ -Introduced in April 2010 with Employer’s support, the ‘Fit Note’ will help you return to work sooner by providing more information about the effects of your illness or injury. You may wish to look on the Direct Gov Website which has further information on SSP.

Samples Results

Any samples requested should be handed into reception preferably before 12.15pm Monday to Friday. The bottle should be clearly marked with name, date of birth of the person who produced the sample and the date of the sample. We ask that you advise the Receptionist of the symptoms so that this can be passed to the Practice Nurse or Doctor.

Patients may obtain their own results over the telephone. We will only release those results to the person to whom they relate, unless that person has given prior permission for the release of the results or they are not capable of understanding the results.
If possible, please call after 2.00 pm as calling in the morning may block important requests for appointments or visits. At times it may be inappropriate to disclose confidential results in this way and you may be asked to make an appointment.
The Practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection.

Chronic Disease Management & Monitoring of Existing Conditions

The Practice Nursing Team, supported by the Doctors provide regular check-ups for patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, thyroid problems, mental health problems, asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease, rheumatoid arthritis, treatment with warfarin and hormone replacement therapy. Should you fall within one of these categories, from time to time you will be invited for a check up. We hope you see this as we do – an important opportunity to promote well being and health.