Prescription Timescales From March 2023


Due to long term shortages of many common medicine supplies coming into the UK, which is affecting Pharmacies and Dispensing Doctors, we are unfortunately needing to work to a minimum 5 full working days to process your routine repeat prescription. If you have items in past drugs or queries need to be raised with the GP’s or Pharmacy Team, this may take slightly longer.

We will endeavour to complete your prescription request as quick as we can, please make sure we hold your mobile number so we can send you a text message advising it is ready to collect. We will review our position on this on an ongoing basis.

Prescriptions put in before 1pm            Earliest Collection (unless received text)

Saturday & Sunday (online or in box)   Friday PM

Monday                                                             Following Monday PM

Tuesday                                                            Following Tuesday PM

Wednesday                                                     Following Wednesday PM

Thursday                                                         Following Thursday PM (close at 4pm)

Friday                                                               Following Friday PM

Our phone ordering service is ceasing from 1st May 2023, except for housebound patients. Please can we ask that you do not enquire if your prescription is ready until the above timescale has lapsed. If we are asked to check, it will cause further dispensing delay.

Any urgent prescription requests will be reviewed by a clinician, they may not be deemed as clinically urgent and therefore processed at the above timescale.

Please allow enough time so you do not run out, the impact of having to provide an urgent prescription is to the disadvantage of others.

Thank you so much for your support.