Important Message for Online Access users – New Clinical System


We are in the process of changing our clinical system. Online services will be turned off on 26th October 2022.

NHS App Only

Users of the NHS App (which is by far the best way to access your medical records) will experience some interruption:

If you self registered for the NHS App then you should only lose access temporarily to clinical records, medication and appointments, from 26th October to 10th November. You should still have access to your covid pass and other useful information during this time.

If you registered for the NHS app with a linkage key supplied to you by the practice, your account will no longer be live as from 26th October. You can re-register, via self registration only, after 10th November.

Patient Access & Other Online Access (excluding Not NHS App)

Patient Access is no longer compatible with our new clinical system.  The quickest and best way to now apply for online access would be to self-register for the NHS App, you can do this by clicking on the following link

The new clinical computer system we are getting is called 'System One', the online patient system for this is called 'Systmonline' or 'airmid' if you are looking to download the mobile app.  These services will not be available to apply for until after 14th November, when a link will be placed on our website for you to self-register.

If you are unable to apply for the NHS App or prefer Systmonline, and have any problems, please do not call the surgery. You can complete an admin query via our secure Engage Consult online messaging service after Monday 14th November, stating that you are requesting online access to the new system (you will need to sign up to the engage consult service if you don’t already have a login for it) by visiting the following webpage and selecting 'admin query'

We will reply to your Engage consult message with your access details once your account is set up on the new system. Please allow up to 10 working days, as this will be a very busy time for us.

If you are unable to send in your request via the Engage Consult service, please come into the Surgery from 14th November with a form of photo and proof of address.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this time.